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How To Protect Yourself in the Hospital

100,000 Americans die from medical care in the hospital every year

  1. Bring a list of medications and allergies
  2. Ask your doctor or nurse, “Did you wash your hands before coming into my room including using an alcohol dispenser?”
  3. What is that pill?
  4. What test am I going to?
  5. Did you clean your stethoscope?
  6. When there is a change of shift – introduce yourself to new nurses and doctors. Tell them about your illnesses and allergies
  7. Elderly – get a sitter to watch patient at night and prevent falls and have a designated family member call doctor once a day
  8. Write down a list of questions for the doctor so you don’t forget
  9. How many times have you done this procedure?
  10. Are you in a private room?
  11. Does your hospital have a rapid response team?
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