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Our Cardiology Practice is based on preventative medicine. Our goal is to keep you healthy, to get you to 100 years old without disability and to keep you out of the hospital. We serve our patients from Stamford, CT.

This is not a “run of the mill” Cardiology practice. We will spend time with you and do a complete history and physical. We have facilities for laboratory work(cholesterol, and all blood work) and testing(EKG, stress testing, echo and vascular). You will get same day results. We will spend time with you discussing your situation and give you a comprehensive program including diet, exercise and medications if needed. We are very interested in lifestyle adjustments to prevent disease.

If needed, we can send you to the best sub specialists in Connecticut or across the country.

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How To Live To Be 100

Be proactive not reactive! There are 105,000 people in the USA 100 years old.

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